Monday, 19 December 2011

Artist of the Month - Kazuko Taniguchi

Golly gosh I appear to be a little late with December's Artist of the Month! Although we pandas celebrate our holy festival in October one cannot help getting caught up in this whole Christmas thing. I spent two hours staring at fairy lights, methinks I go all moth-like around bright sparkly twinkly things...Forgive me! 

This month Laura and I have collectively chosen Kazuko Taniguchi as our Artist of the Month. We thought we'd go for something cute and cheerful rather than dark and bleak, that wouldn't be very Christmasy would it (or so I am told, though I'm beginning to believe my foreigner status is being exploited). 

You can find her images and information on her website here:

We picked one we both liked (it's a Christmas miracle!) and then some Christmas ones to give us all a bit of festive cheer. Joyous Christmas to you all! May you eat copious amounts of bird and wear ridiculous paper crowns, may you welcome a strange man with a sack and beard into your home, may washing powder fall from the sky and cover your houses and make them smell nice (though not too much or Laura's mum will get stranded at work), and may you not go mad from food and family overdose. Amen.

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi - Merry Christmas!

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