Friday, 19 August 2011

Why does my heart feel so bad? (even when he has a lovely blue balloon)

Dear All

Tis I, Creepy Panda. I've finally managed to get Laura to finish some drawings. Methinks someone has been listening to Moby... but I hope you enjoy anyway.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Musician of the Month - Josh Pyke

While Laura is busy doing things (some curly haired foreigner coming to stay) and refusing to draw I must amuse myself some other way, and this month I have been mostly listening to Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke. Phil is also enjoying this music and as Pyke has a brand new album 'Only Sparrows' out on 19th August, we felt it was well worth a mention. Check out the latest news on Josh's myspace page:

While it's hard to pick favourites from his previous albums, we particularly love The Lighthouse Song and Monkey with a Drum at the moment. We hope you enjoy as much as we do. Phil says hi.

Monkey with a Drum:
The Lighthouse Song:

Monday, 1 August 2011

Blog of the Month - Owl Loves Panda

I might be a little biased but Owl Loves Panda is definately my favourite blog right now. Check it out using the link below.

If you enjoy the blog, you will love the Owl Loves Panda shop. Laura has lots of the necklaces from there which I like to try on when she's asleep. This one's my favourite, it brings out the colour in my eyes.

Fawn locket from Owl Loves Panda

We also love the new badges. I like the vintage fabric set, and I like the retro comic set but I don't wear any clothes so it makes it most difficult. I think I shall wait for Laura to buy them then steal one and add it to my collection of pretty things. I'll just tell her she lost it.

Retro comic badge set from Owl Loves Panda

Vintage fabric badge set from Owl Loves Panda

Artist of the Month - Aya Kato

Given the lack of skills that feature on this page, I feel obliged to point people in the direction of those who are really rather talented. Here is a long standing favourite of ours, Aya Kato. Visit her website at:

Once in the site you can view all of her pictures in the gallery section. They are sorted by years and if you click a thumbnail on the left it will open so you can see the whole wonderful thing!

Here is a new one of hers that we really love. Enjoy!

Aya Kato - Myth and Legend

Creepy Panda Origins: Part 3 - The Trip to Ikea

Dear All

Tis I, indeed once more, Creepy Panda. Here is today's final installment of the Creepy Panda Origins tales. Part 4 should be coming soon and will be written by me. 

I must add a short word of birthday congratulations for Hayley: Happy Birthday and gefeliciteerd! Had it not been for Hayley and Tom I would never have found my owner Laura. And that would have been a sad tale of woe. For I am rather fond of her.


Creepy Panda Origins: Part 2 - The Biblical Tale of Great King Boxman and his Magnificent Brain

Dear All

Tis I, Creepy Panda again. My, it must feel like Christmas for you, two in one day. How exciting.

Creepy Panda Origins: Part 1 - Board Meeting

Dear All

Tis I, Creepy Panda. 

Forgive me for procrastinating over my first post, it is such a difficult task, us pandas do rather enjoy sitting around pondering. Also I rely on the questionable drawing skills of my owner Laura. If only I had thumbs of my very own. Please find Part 1 below.