Thursday, 15 March 2012

Is anyone else excited about The Hunger Games soundtrack?

I heart Taylor Swift. And I double heart The Civil Wars. So I went positively giddy when I saw this:

And what tickled my pickle even more was the preview of The Civil Wars new song 'Kingdom Come'. Giddy as a goat!

This month I have mostly been anticipating...The Hunger Games Film

Laura had withdrawal after she finished the latest book in The Song of Ice and Fire series, so some bright spark recommended she read The Hunger Games to fill the gaping hole that had been left inside her. I was interested of course, but with no thumbs I found it literally impossible to turn the pages. This was a truly sad tale of woe until I realised I could simply make Laura read to me - so she did! Now we are all Hunger Games fanatics and cannot wait to see the film, especially since we discovered Lenny Kravitz is playing Cinna. Since the thumb incident was overcome our new hurdle is how to smuggle an oversized panda into the cinema...

Artist of the Month - Jin Young Shin

Forgive me, but I shall skate over the fact that I have not posted anything on here since December - pandas are notoriously lazy creatures.

Now, to my Artist of the Month for March - Jin Young Shin. A little weird, a little creepy and a little beautiful, rather like myself. 

You can find a selection of images here:

As usual Laura and I had trouble choosing our favourite pictures, made all the more difficult with Laura's head stuck in a book. So we picked a selection!

Jin Young Shin

Jin Young Shin

Jin Young Shin

Monday, 19 December 2011

Musician of the Month - Carla Bruni

Well who knew? I certainly didn't. That Carla Bruni is a sexyland musician! 

This month's chosen musician is for Laura's bestest friend Hayley who has educated us in the way of the Bruni and has a love of all things French and wonderful.

So have a glass of wine (tres French apparently - I prefer ribena), sit back, listen to this and feel all cultured and like you live in your very own romantic black and white French movie. It's what me and Laura do like a pair of saddos.

Blog of the Month - My Owl Barn

Now come on, who doesn't love owls and owl themed items? There may well be some but I am not one. This website is absolutely sexyland for finding those gifts for that special someone in your life who has a curious obsession with these winged beasts. I have found many a wonderful item here so I may shower myself in gifts this Christmas. Quite literally. 

So go on, forget about everyone else and buy lots of lovely things just for you, it's what Christmas is all about!

Look at these lovely biscuits! Mmm lekker!
Free things at Christmas?! FREE THINGS! What a sexyland desktop wallpaper!
Brillo pads ornaments by Renee Treml

Artist of the Month - Kazuko Taniguchi

Golly gosh I appear to be a little late with December's Artist of the Month! Although we pandas celebrate our holy festival in October one cannot help getting caught up in this whole Christmas thing. I spent two hours staring at fairy lights, methinks I go all moth-like around bright sparkly twinkly things...Forgive me! 

This month Laura and I have collectively chosen Kazuko Taniguchi as our Artist of the Month. We thought we'd go for something cute and cheerful rather than dark and bleak, that wouldn't be very Christmasy would it (or so I am told, though I'm beginning to believe my foreigner status is being exploited). 

You can find her images and information on her website here:

We picked one we both liked (it's a Christmas miracle!) and then some Christmas ones to give us all a bit of festive cheer. Joyous Christmas to you all! May you eat copious amounts of bird and wear ridiculous paper crowns, may you welcome a strange man with a sack and beard into your home, may washing powder fall from the sky and cover your houses and make them smell nice (though not too much or Laura's mum will get stranded at work), and may you not go mad from food and family overdose. Amen.

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi -

Kazuko Taniguchi - Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Dear All

Tis I, Creepy Panda. You may or may not have noticed me using the word 'sexyland' but I thought it warranted an explanation incase you thought I was just a pervert of a panda. Though it is worth mentioning, it is used as a replacement for 'excellent' and is not a reference to a sexy land (which I imagine might be a theme park or some strange country). It still makes me giggle everytime I use it.