Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Musician of the Month - Tori Amos

September's 'Musician of the Month' is for Laura (my dear owner). She absolutely adores the eccentric red head (and I do have rather a soft spot for eccentrics myself) and this month sees the release of Tori's new album 'Night of Hunters' on 20th September. 

Although not the official Tori Amos page, 'Here in my head' contains everything and anything you would ever want to know:

Whilst Laura looks forward to the new album (sat in front of the front door Scott Pilgrim style) here are some old favourites.

Blog of the Month - Bluebell & Rosie

What a lovely little blog this is! Whilst I may appear to be just a morose little bear, I do have a penchant for list making and pretty things and if you too share my interests then welcome to Bluebell & Rosie.  Find the blog using the link below:

Not only do I enjoy the blog, but there are even things to buy as well at their folksy shop. Marvellous! I love decoupage at the moment but am terribly lazy (and have no thumbs) so these would be most welcome additions to my collection. The Folksy shop address is:

Decoupaged box from Bluebell & Rosie
Decoupaged chest from Bluebell & Rosie

Artist of the Month - Eveline Tarunadjaja

I've been a fan of this lady's work for quite a while now and also enjoy attempting to pronounce her name. It's even harder for a panda, especially a creepy one.

Find her portfolio at:

Here's a picture me and Laura could both agree on (I really like one of a girl with an octopus on her head, but Laura refused given her ridiculous phobia of tentacled sea creatures).