Sunday, 6 November 2011


Dear All

Tis I, Creepy Panda. You may or may not have noticed me using the word 'sexyland' but I thought it warranted an explanation incase you thought I was just a pervert of a panda. Though it is worth mentioning, it is used as a replacement for 'excellent' and is not a reference to a sexy land (which I imagine might be a theme park or some strange country). It still makes me giggle everytime I use it.


  1. Reading through some of your older posts and I love the way you write. Plus, how can you beat an opening like "it is I, creepy panda". Would love to walk into a bar and say that to random people.

    Nice replacement for 'excellent' too!

  2. I am honoured by your comment my new friend. Please do let me know if you go into a bar and use that as an opening line. It would be most sexyland to hear. Have a good December!

    Creepy Panda