Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Musician of the Month - Tori Amos

September's 'Musician of the Month' is for Laura (my dear owner). She absolutely adores the eccentric red head (and I do have rather a soft spot for eccentrics myself) and this month sees the release of Tori's new album 'Night of Hunters' on 20th September. 

Although not the official Tori Amos page, 'Here in my head' contains everything and anything you would ever want to know:

Whilst Laura looks forward to the new album (sat in front of the front door Scott Pilgrim style) here are some old favourites.


  1. Hi!! :)

    I love you're draws...♥

    And I like Tori Amos too...!!!!

    I really like you're blog...since today I'm following you...

    A kiss from "The Music Box"...♥

    See you soon "Little Princess"... :)

  2. You are great creepy panda, and you cannot go wrong with a little(or lot)of Tori Amos!

  3. Dear Creepy Panda,

    A weird thing has happened. I'll try and explain. It might take a while so bear with me.

    Just under two years ago I moved in with a friend of mine. As you do we decided to go to Ikea. When we had payed for our candles and toilet brush and ingenious and reasonable priced storage solutions we realised that we had bought a strange worm shaped panda bear. Neither of us remembered who bought him but were both kind of disgusted at his strange shape, pointlessly red hands and benign expression.

    To be perfectly honest, we both did slightly crude things to the panda and noting by his facial expression that he didn't seem to mind we gradually took to calling him Creepy Panda. Or Creepy for short.

    That Christmas I decided to spry some stencils around where we lived (Glasgow) as a surprise for said flatmate. I made a stencil of Creepy and sprayed it all around the local area. A while later I decided (admittedly half heartedly) to start a little blog of pictures and thoughts that I had. I decided to call it Creepy Panda. I got bored of the blog, it was a bit too incoherent and it turns out I don't really have anything to say. But it is still there, on blogger under the name of thecreepiestofpandas.blogspot.

    I basically thought I would alert you to this coincidence because I find it very strange that two different parties bought a panda from ikea, realised how weird it was and called it Creepy. By way of proof, I direct you to this picture of the stencil in question.

    Many kind regards and congrats on your blog,

    Jamie Macdonald and Creepy.

  4. Dear Creepy and Jamie

    I am most shocked and delighted to hear from you!

    What can I say, we Creepy Pandas are but muses for you people. We are shrouded in mystery and therein lies our appeal.

    Laura has always wanted to visit Glasgow and I shall indeed further these ambitions more hoping to go on the trail of Glasgow's Creepy Panda. I love the stencil, it was positively sexyland!

    It's such a shame you did not continue your blog. Laura and I were both curious when we set up ours to find there was already a registered user under the name of Creepy Panda, so it's lovely to finally know.

    Good luck with your art work and it's always good to hear from a brother!

    Creepy Panda (I didn't let Laura write anything this time)